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ASIA: Delivering Creative Workers’ Comp Solutions for Small Businesses

Workers’ Compensation is a significant cost of operating a business, with many firms looking for a competitive solution as well as ways to control losses. Small businesses that make up the fabric of our communities especially find it challenging to keep costs in line as they grow, while others are experiencing rate increases as a result of overall market changes even though their payroll exposures have remained unchanged. At Associated Insurance Specialty Agency (ASIA), we can help you provide your small business clients with affordable solutions that meet their needs.

Obtain preferred access to markets with ASIA.

We work with a number of markets and due to our significant volume of business and longstanding relationships, we can often offer you better results than you would have with direct access to those markets, particularly in getting certain risks quoted and written. Additionally, our agency partners benefit from how easy it is do business with us, which in turn benefits your clients and enables you to provide the quality of service that separates you from your competitors.

We can provide you with quotes on mono-line business for small to midsize companies, including “main street” businesses and specific classes such as: artisan contractors, beauty shops, buildings operations by owners or contractors, doctors and dentists, grocery stores, hotels, machine shops – light metalworking, private schools, professional offices, restaurants, retail stores, and wholesale stores. Workplace safety, loss control expertise and timely and responsive claims handling and settlement are also part of our Workers’ Comp programs to help your clients mitigate risk and get workers back on the job as soon as they can.

In addition, our exclusive New Jersey Small Business Owners Dividend Program through AmTrust is available for select classes, including hospitality, restaurants, professional offices, retail exposures, artisan contractors and light manufacturing. We also have a proprietary Artisan Workers’ Compensation Contractors Program in New Jersey, which includes the ability to write one or two-man operations, often with no prior Workers’ Comp coverage.

Providing customized Workers’ Comp solutions for your small business clients.

For two decades, ASIA’s focus has been exclusively in Workers’ Compensation, providing insurance agents and brokers with access to markets and programs for their clients throughout our target states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina and Florida. We have built a reputation based on our expertise in the field, creativity and longevity in providing solutions in a fluctuating market, longstanding carrier relationships, responsive service, and quick submission and quote turnaround. Find out more about how we can add to your agency growth and retention. Give us a call at (610) 543-5510, email us, or complete the form on this page. One of our professionals will contact you promptly.