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Common Augmented Reality Game Exposures

Augmented Reality Workers Compensation ExposuresPokémon Go has gone viral, acquiring more than 20 million users and amassing more users than Twitter within a few days of its launch. Though this phenomena has taken our culture by storm, there are a few unintended risks that business owners must assess.  As you seek to understand the common exposures augmented reality games pose, make sure your business is protected with an iron-clad Workers’ Compensation policy.

Employee Safety 

According to an article in Business Insurance, it’s important to understand the risks that this new app has on company’s security. For small businesses, this can be a huge threat and should be analyzed as part of a risk management plan. As far as personal injuries go, employees are getting distracted while working. Whether that be due to playing the game or while at work, they are putting themselves at risk of injury. Keep your business and employees safe by implementing strict rules against playing augmented reality games on their work phone.

Cyber Risks

Pokemon Go has full access to your Google account. This means that when a person creates a profile, they are granting full accent access of nearly all information, according to Google. In addition, hackers have  recreated knock-off apps that contain malware that affect smart devices.  If you have important documents saved on to a cloud service or even on your device, your business can be vulnerable to a data breach. It’s essential that your company installs strong hardware firewalls to keep hackers out. 

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