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Workers Comp Exposures in the Hospitality Industry

Workers Comp Exposures in the Hospitality IndustryAs unfortunate as it sounds, a large majority of Workers’ Comp injuries coming from the hospitality industry are from the housekeeping department. This is because many companies have reduced their management staff due to the new insurance policies. This not only adds more cost, it can create higher insurance rates over time. Make sure you stay protected with New Jersey Hospitality Insurance.

In an article in Insurance Journal, they give a few suggestions on how to manage hospitality Workers’ Comp injuries.

Before hiring, make sure to address the physical capabilities as they relate to the job description for the position. In the hospitality industry, physical exertion is required for most positions. Keep this in mind when hiring maintenance, housekeepers or laundry room attendants. If you partake in hiring best practices, then you can avoid some of those exposures of Workers’ Comp claims.

Do not allow injuries to occur just because your company provided little to no training. This is common in the case of hotels being short-staffed. It’s important to spend that extra time training new hires how to work safely with proper techniques before they get started. This will help avoid injuries that are preventable.

Another exposure to injuries is when housekeepers clean 15 rooms or more per day. Those who clean less than 15 rooms per day have fewer injuries. When housekeepers are rushed to clean their rooms, they are getting injured more often.

Proper techniques should also be implemented to reduce injuries. Repetitive motions that occur over time can cause work injuries. Using proper lifting techniques, using a pole cleaning device instead of bending over, using step stools instead of furniture, making multiple trips for loads and using gloves to protect hands are just a few ways you can avoid injuries.
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