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Focusing on Worker Safety in Interactive Museums

Focusing on Worker Safety in Interactive MuseumsFocusing on Worker Safety in Interactive Museums

Earlier this month, an employee at the Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum made a mistake when trying to demonstrate a green fire tornado, resulting in guests being badly injured. This accident was allegedly caused by a “simple oversight by the presenter” according to the Reno Fire Department. Incidences such as this one highlight the need for clear and concise protocols in terms of employee training, to avoid accidents such as this from occurring. Although this particular incident doesn’t seem to have brought up any Worker’s Compensation claims, it is certainly a risk for your New Jersey Worker’s Compensation clients or prospects that run a Science museum or any other type of interactive museums where employees will be conducting presentations.

As a museum owner, it’s important that your clients ensure that they are managing their facilities in such a manner that they are clean, well maintained, safe, and accessible for guests, but also for employees. The following are some factors that your clients should focus on when it comes to employees.

  • Museum management should make arrangements to ensure the safety and absence of risks to health in connection with the use, handling, storage, and transport of articles and substances. In an interactive museum, this could include sharp objects and well as flammable liquids and objects.
  • Management should provide proper information, instruction, training, and supervision as is necessary to reasonably ensure the health and safety of employees.
  • Management should provide a working environment that is safe and without clear risks to health and safety of employees.
  • Lastly, museum management should encourage their staff to set a high standard of safety by personal example and to accept a reasonable level of responsibility for the health and safety of themselves and their coworkers.

Putting a focus on worker safety in interactive museums could certainly help your client avoid costly New Jersey Worker’s Compensation claims. At the Associated Specialty Insurance Agency, Inc., we understand that fostering a culture of safety with ongoing training and supervision is key to mitigating risk and securing an affordable, effective New Jersey Workers’ Compensation package. Please contact us today at (866) 679-7457 to learn more about the various industries we serve, including non-profits.

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