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Why Workers’ Compensation Treatment Guidelines are Important

Why Workers’ Compensation Treatment Guidelines are ImportantWhile some jobs carry greater risks to safety than others, there is no such thing as a completely “safe” job. Nearly every position and every employee has a potential of filing a workers’ compensation claim at some point. While some larger companies might develop their own policies, many seek out a specialty insurance agency skilled in providing the right policies that protect businesses and their employees from the physical injuries that may happen at work as well as the financial ramifications that can happen to the business itself. To do this workers’ compensation treatment guidelines need to be established and followed to give everyone the best protection possible.

Determining and Following Workers’ Compensation Guidelines

Workers compensation guidelines are in place for a number of reasons. Among those reasons is to prevent unnecessary procedures and potentially harmful medications from being prescribed. Not only are both of these potentially costly from a financial standpoint, but also from a health standpoint because of long term side effects. By keeping initial costs as low as possible, overall costs are more likely to remain manageable.

Controversy in Coverage

Getting businesses and workers the coverage they need when an incident happens isn’t always easy, because not everyone agrees on what types of things should be covered. One point of contention is workers’ access to prescription drugs , and whether or not to set limits. The Pennsylvania State House was supposed to vote on the measure, but that vote was temporarily postponed. It faces opposition from police, medical professionals, construction workers, teachers and lawyers. The intent is to see that opioids are not over-prescribed, and the bill has been pulled back into a committee for the time being in attempt to get it right.

While opioid misuse is getting a lot of attention for being misused, it is important to note that other prescriptions, including anti-depressants and muscle relaxants can be dangerous as well. Some things being considered for Pennsylvania’s Workers’ Compensation guidelines include:

  • Mandatory Drug Monitoring
  • A required comprehensive approach to opioid prescriptions
  • Reporting of drug distribution
  • Manufacturer and Distributor accountability for damages

Getting Expert Advice

With strong opinions present on both sides of the workers’ compensation fence it is important for businesses to be able to present themselves as having their employees’ best interests at heart, and not as a company trying to get around a claim. At ASIA,  Associated Specialty Insurance Agency, Inc., Workers’ Compensation Specialist for Brokers and Agents in Springfield, PA, we want to help you find the policy that helps address the unique risks of your business in order to implement a straightforward policy that will offer the protection you need when you need it. To learn more about your options for workers’ compensation insurance products, contact us today.

About ASIA Workers’ Compensation

Associated Specialty Insurance Agency, Inc. has been “The Workers’ Compensation Specialist for Brokers and Agents” for the past two decades and is committed to providing brokers and insurance agents across the East Coast with expertise and services to develop a Workers’ Compensation policy. For more information about how we can assist you with claims management, anti-fraud measures, and more call (610) 543-5510 to speak with one of our professionals.

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