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Sussex County Workers’ Comp: Do Disengaged Employees Harm Your Clients?

Sussex County Workers’ Comp Do Disengaged Employees Harm Your ClientsSussex County Workers’ Comp: Do Disengaged Employees Harm Your Clients?

Disengaged employees not only lead to high employee turnover, they can also be careless in their work, which could certainly lead to a Sussex County Workers’ Comp claim. According to a survey conducted by Gallup, a staggering 72% of U.S. workers are not engaged in their work. Employee engagement is defined by experts as being about communicating expectations, establishing trust, and taking ownership, all of which are referred to as a “psychological contract”, a term introduced by Dr. Nicole Lipkin.

Lipkin stated that one reason that many employees become disengaged in the workplace is due to leadership breaking this psychological contract. This might be the result of dishonestly, lack of integrity, or a difficult work environment. In order to achieve engaged employees, these breaches of trust must be corrected as soon as possible. Lipkin notes that if an entire work environment doesn’t live up to their expectations, the company may lose their best talent. This doesn’t even account for the Sussex County Workers’ Comp risks that exist, either.

In the Gallup survey, it was found that 18% of disengaged workers actively undermined their co-workers’ success. It also found that weak engagement translated into higher turnover, greater absenteeism, and lower productivity. In other words, employee disengagement can certainly hurt your clients’ business. In particular industries, such as Healthcare or Manufacturing, a disengaged and less productive employee can be a lot more than just a frustration; they can be a Sussex County Workers’ Comp exposure.

So what can your client do? One suggestion, from research reported in, is for companies to get the most out of their employees by focusing on the individual motivations that drive people, rather than trying to create a “one-size-fits-all” program for all employees. It’s believed that doing this will improve engagement at work among employees, which can help to improve employee productivity and happiness.

Behavioral economist Dan Ariely explained the situation well; motivation is not just based on satisfaction or financial gain. He says that people are driven by challenge and are focused on the results. He suggests that employees like to feel connected to a greater purpose, and have ownership and pride in their work.

At the Associated Specialty Insurance Agency, Inc. (ASIA), we understand that Sussex County Workers’ Compensation Insurance is a front-and-center issue for employers, the insurance distribution system, Workers’ Compensation boards, and state legislatures. Insurance agents and brokers with access to competitive markets will not only capitalize on the ability to secure coverage for their clients, but they can also now leverage an improving economy set to spur the Workers’ Compensation industry with an increase in jobs and payroll exposure. Please contact us at (866) 679-7457 today to learn more about our Workers’ Compensation solutions for a wide variety of Targeted Industries.

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