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Successful Workers’ Comp Program: Workplace Safety

Building an Effective Workers' Compensation Program > Safety Culture

Successful Workers’ Comp Program: Workplace SafetyAs a seasoned insurance broker, you know the importance of protecting your clients with a comprehensive Workers’ Compensation Insurance program. However, in addition to providing them with quality coverage, your expertise in knowing how to minimize claims in the first place is just as valuable. After all, the best part of about having insurance to protect employees is not having to use it. In this installment, we’ll cover the most critical information you can share with your clients to give them a comprehensive and personalized approach to insurance with a workplace safety implementation plan.

Implementing a workplace safety culture requires participation throughout the entire company. The impact from doing so is a positive work culture, increased safety, and accident mitigation. Here is how to establish one in any workplace, regardless of size or industry:

  • Establish safety responsibility: Policies and procedures must be established early on so that each employee knows his or her duty to uphold safety. Identify goals (such as reducing claims and accidents) that are intended through the workplace safety program.
  • Enforce accountability: According to Industrial Safety and Hygiene News, create a process that holds everyone accountable for being visibly involved, especially managers and supervisors. They are the leaders for a positive change.
  • Provide multiple options: Provide different options for employees to bring their concerns or issues full-face. There should be a chain of command to make sure supervisors are held accountable for being responsive.
  • Report: Not only should companies report accidents, they should report close calls, too. This means that there are not enough controls in place to prevent an accident from occurring and that new policies need to be implemented.
  • Create investigation system: Interviewing injured employees and witnesses can allow the claim process and medical treatment to begin promptly.
  • Focus on the good: Rather than just bring accidents to light, encourage a team for a job well done on an accident-free month or year.

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