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Successful Workers’ Comp Program: Accident Investigation

Building an Effective Workers' Compensation Program > Moving Forward After an Accident

Successful Workers’ Comp Program: Accident InvestigationIn this series of posts, we’ve explored some of the major features that your clients should implement to prevent facing Workers’ Compensation Insurance claims. We’ve already discussed workplace safety and preemptive employment screenings as two main features for reducing risk. As a broker, your duty is to provide adequate and comprehensive coverage. Your clients, however, strive to prevent claims from being filed in the first place and maintain a safe working environment. In this installment, we’ll cover some of the basics for accident investigation and how your clients can mitigate damage once an accident is sustained.

Perhaps the most important component of accident investigation is to reduce the likelihood of the incident reoccurring. During this process, however, businesses and management should focus on finding the root cause of the issue rather than looking to place fault or blame. Instead, the goal is to improve workplace safety and focus on keeping morale boosted.

Dedicate someone from the management team to conduct the investigation. However, it’s equally beneficial to gather testimonies from employees and witnesses of the accident. Different information and perspectives can be gathered by doing so.

Rather than skimming over the accident and attribute it to carelessness or negligence, consider the major underlying causes. According to OSHA, your clients can ask themselves the following:

  • If a procedure or safety rule was not followed, why was the procedure or rule not followed?
  • Did production pressures play a role, and, if so, why were production pressures permitted to jeopardize safety?
  • Was the procedure out-of-date or safety training inadequate? If so, why had the problem not been previously identified, or, if it had been identified, why had it not been addressed?

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