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Safety Tips to Prevent Winter Accidents

Winter Weather Accident Prevention

Whether your business requires your employees to be in the elements all day or cozied up in an office, the truth is, winter brings a lot of perils. From slipping on the walkway when arriving on the job or facing the extreme cold that winter brings, your employees are subjected to many risks during this time of year. As we discussed in our last post, Workers’ Compensation Insurance claims rise during the winter. Here is how to prevent these claims from occurring and keep your employees safe all year-round.

Be prepared.

Rather than react to unexpected snow storms, plan ahead. Stock up on salt and sandbags prior to the next storm to prepare your business and your employees. Ensure the snow shovels and protective/slip-resistant gear are in good working order and get commercial vehicles inspected. This might seem like a no-brainer, but in the rush of day to day life, you might let these important things fall by the wayside.

Prevent slips.

Special winter mats with non-slip surfaces are great for this time of year. Non-slip bottoms and rougher fiber mats can brush the outside snow and salt off boots so those materials aren’t dragged into the work area, explains AMAXX Workers’ Comp Resource Center. This will prevent workers and customers alike from slipping and landing you a lawsuit.

Cancel work for the day.

If the weather is too extreme, consider canceling work for the day. The world will not come to a halt if your operations are put on a one-day hiatus. The safety of your employees should come first, and sometimes, it’s just not worth braving the elements. Be sure to notify workers via a phone call, text, and email to ensure they get the message.



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