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Restaurant Safety: Dress CodesIn this series of posts, we have gone into detail about the features that all restaurants should abide by to minimize employee injury and uphold safe handling practices. From burn prevention to implementing a comprehensive training program, we’ve covered most of the important factors. In this final installment, we’re going to explore how a dress code can promote safety. Uniforms are intended to make employees easy to identify and promote professionalism, but they can also play a part in sanitation and safe practices. Be sure to inform your clients that their biggest resource in protecting their business and their employees is a Hospitality Workers’ Compensation Insurance Program.

No fingernail polish.

Unless intact gloves are worn, employees working with exposed food may not wear fingernail polish. Nails should be trimmed, filed, and maintained so that edges are not rough. Artificial nails should not be permitted, explains Webstaurant Store.

Hair restraints.

Hair restraints not only keep hair out of food, they also prevent hairs from becoming singed or burned while cooking. In addition, employees with beards who handle food must also take this safety precaution.


Employees should wear clean clothing, and changing out of street clothing into a work uniform upon arrival should be encouraged. Storage facilities or lockers are required for personal belongings, and dirty aprons or chef coats must be stored in laundry bags and away from prep areas. This prevent soiled clothing from coming into contact with food and contaminating it.

Personal hygiene.

Employees are required to wash hands in the restroom before returning to work, bathe regularly, and keep a clean uniform.

Proper footwear.

Slip-resistant shoes should be worn by all employees in the restaurant-both front and back of the house.

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