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Reducing Workers’ Comp Costs with Workplace Culture

Reducing Workers' Comp Costs with Workplace CultureWhen thinking about reducing Workers’ Comp Costs, it’s important to evaluate your workplace culture. Workplace culture includes everything from values and beliefs to attitudes and behaviors that are shared by all employees. This environment has an effect on NJ Small Business Workers’ Compensation experience and cost.

According to an article in Athens Administrators, a company can save on their costs by creating a culture focused on safety, wellness and compassion.

A Culture of Safety

A safety program can remarkably improve employees’ safety behavior. According to the Department of Labor, an effective safety program must include: A clear safety policy with visible top management involvement, employee buy-in through safety committees, regular training for employees on how to eliminate or avoid hazards, employee participation in the assessment of  losses and job hazard analysis, employee accountability and reward linked to consequences for unsafe behaviors, and proactive motivation through public and positive recognition of safe behaviors.

A Culture of Wellness

Health promotion programs take form in health fairs, health screenings, healthy lifestyle coaching and promotion of work-life balance. Substance abuse and weight management programs are also essential components of a company’s wellness program as there is decreased productivity and increased accidents resulting from workers under the influence. Also, studies show there is a higher risk of injuries for those workers who are overweight or obese.

A Culture of Compassion

It’s important for a company to build a positive workplace. Poor morale can lead to abuse of medical leave, increased accidents and illness, litigation and Workers’ Comp claims. Management should proactively build relationships with employees in order to reduce litigation and lost time from work. 

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