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Reducing Employee Injury in Auto Shops

Reducing Employee Injury in Auto ShopsIn the auto shop business, injuries are frequent and costly. It’s important to get the employee input on how to reduce workplace injuries and prevent them. By improving health and safety requirements in your industry, your client can cut down on costs. It’s also essential to stay protected in case of injury with Auto Shop Workers’ Compensation.

According to the compensation data by the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries, rates in the auto body repair industry rose at a higher rate than the average of all industries. The leading cause of injuries were finger cuts, debris in the eyes, overexertion and back injuries-all which are preventable. Here are ways to reduce employee injury in auto shops.

Prevent back and other musculoskeletal injuries by using jacks and lifting aids for heavier parts of installation, using rolling work stands to avoid bending over, asking for help with heavier items and learning how to lift properly.

Prevent eye injuries by developing an eye protection use policy, offering the right eye protection for your employees and enforcing the use of eye protection.

Prevent finger cuts and lacerations by providing a variety of protective work gloves, keeping knives and sharp blades to avoid excessive force, cutting away from the body and discarding blades left in inappropriate areas.

Prevent work-related asthma by replacing all latex gloves with extended cuff nitrile gloves, supplying an air respirator, and cleaning up catalyst and hardener spills.

At Associated Specialty Insurance Agency, we deliver a comprehensive placed that is priced well and comes with unsurpassed service. We provide auto-related Workers’ Comp from new and used car dealerships to gas stations and auto repair shops. Also, we understand loss control plans and claim reviews and will help mitigate your clients’ costs. For more information on how we can provide a safer work environment for your client, call us today at 866.679.7457.

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