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Reducing Workers’ Comp Claims in Restaurants

Reducing Workers’ Comp Claims in RestaurantsWhen running a restaurant, it’s important to implement safety programs that will help your business operate smoothly without any injuries. In order to reduce your costs, it’s essential to reduce your restaurant Workers’ Comp claims. Make sure your business is covered with a specialized Workers’ Comp for NJ Restaurants policy.

According to an article in Oregon Insurance Advisor, ensuring your workplace is safe is necessary but accidents can happen at any time. Therefore, you need to be prepared. Here are some tips to reduce the chance of workplace injuries.

  1. For burns: There are 12,000 reported cases of burns in restaurants per year. To avoid those cases in your business, avoid overcrowding on the range tops, set pot handles away from burners and avoid loose clothing when working around ranges, ovens and machines.
  2. For lacerations: The most common injuries reported in restaurants are cuts and punctures. To avoid this, provide knives that are the right size for each job, place a non-slip pad under cutting boards and keep fingers tucked when cutting food.
  3. For sprains: Lifting improperly and repetition of motions can lead to sprains, strains or tear injuries in restaurants. These are easy to prevent with the four step approach to lifting: size up the load: lift, move, get set and lower.
  4. For slips, trips and falls: Especially in restaurants, slippery floors are easy to find. To avoid common sources of injury, clean up spills immediately, place warning signs when mopping and use non-slip matting.

At Associated Specialty Insurance, we understand that the hospitality sector is filled with Workers’ Compensation exposures as there is an increased likelihood in slips and falls, back injuries and sprains. We work to provide coverage to a variety of industries from restaurants and fast food to hotels and resorts. We strive to provide your company with the right policies and plans that fit your insurance needs. For more information, call us today at 866.679.7457.

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