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Preventing New Jersey Workers’ Comp Exposures in Retail

Preventing New Jersey Workers’ Comp Exposures in RetailPreventing New Jersey Workers’ Comp Exposures in Retail

If your client owns or manages a retail store, they have many considerations to make when it comes to the safety of their customers and guests. If they are a food services store, for example, they have to consider food liability. If they work in a gift shop, they have to be careful that they place fragile or heavy objects out of the reach of children. One factor that many don’t consider though is their New Jersey Workers’ Comp exposures.

While the only way for your client to truly protect themselves financially from a New Jersey Workers’ Comp claim is with the right type of Workers’ Comp insurance policy, there are steps they can take to potentially reduce their risks.  For example, being aware of the fire hazards that may exist in the store can help your client create a safer environment for employees. To ensure they’re prepared for any fires that might arise, retail store owners should keep fire extinguishers in the store and make sure all employees are trained on how to use them.

According to OSHA, ergonomics is the science of matching one’s workplace requirements to their employees’ capabilities. This is another New Jersey Workers’ Comp exposure for your clients to be aware of. Let’s say that your client gives a very petite person the job of lifting heavy boxes for an extended period of time, and they hurt themselves as a result. That employee now has the right to file a New Jersey Workers’ Comp claim against your client. OSHA recognizes some common ergonomic risks as jobs that require frequent or heavy lifting, prolonged awkward postures, and situations in which the room temperature is very cold for a long time.

Ergonomics and fire safety are just a couple of the New Jersey Workers’ Comp risks that your clients face. Other exposures include slip and fall accidents due to spills or uneven flooring, poor visual clarity due to low lighting, or little to no training in regards to first aid situations.

It’s important that your retail clients always model safe behavior for the sake of their staff. At the Associated Specialty Insurance Agency, Inc., we understand that fostering a culture of safety with ongoing training and supervision is key to mitigating risk and securing an affordable, effective New Jersey Retail Workers Compensation Insurance Program. Please contact us today at (866) 679-7457 to learn more about the various industries we serve.

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