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Preventing Summer Workers’ Comp Risks

Preventing Summer Workers’ Comp RisksSummer brings a lot of inherent risks for sectors with employees who work outdoors. From construction workers to law enforcement and everything in between, heat stroke and dehydration are just a few of the common Workers’ Compensation Insurance hazards that are common this time of year. As we explore how to protect your employees this summer season, review your insurance policy to ensure you have the protection you need.

In addition to recognizing the signs of dehydration and fatigue, employers should refer to OSHA’s safety recommendations for outdoor work. Here are the highlights:

  • Allow outdoor employees to take plenty of breaks to cool down and hydrate themselves.
  • Provide fresh or bottled water for employees who spend long hours working outdoors.
  • Monitor workers’ well-being and recognize signs of fatigue.
  • Implement a response plan to manage emergency situations.
  • Provide shade for workers to cool down during their breaks.

As an employer, it’s up to you to provide the necessary safety and training information to keep your employees safe on the job. However, they can do their part individually to reduce their risk, as well.

Workers should drink at least some water every 15 minutes, even if they are not feeling thirsty. Taking frequent rest breaks in the shade and working up to adjusting to hot outdoor work is also advised. Workers should also wear light colors and a hat, should know the signs of heat-related health issues and should monitor both themselves and their co-workers for signs there is a problem, explains Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Blog.

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