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Preventing Burns in the Bakery

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Preventing Burns in the BakeryIn this series of articles, we’ve gone into detail about how to identify and prevent employee injuries in a bakery. From reducing slips and falls to preventing cutting and crushing risks, we’ve covered some of the major exposures these professionals face. In this final installment, we’ll go over burn prevention strategies that all bakeries and food service professionals can utilize to protect themselves and their bottom lines. Most importantly, share this knowledge with your clients and protect their operation and employees with a Bakery Workers’ Compensation Insurance program.

Abide by the rules.

Safety practices and rules are in place for a reason. Employees handling baked goods and utilizing ovens, blow torches, and other potentially dangerous equipment should be properly trained and follow safety precautions that are associated with them. Rushing or being reckless in the kitchen can set an employee up for a major injury.

Be alert.

Ensure your clients promote awareness in the kitchen. Be cautious of other employees in the area, don’t take shortcuts, and make slow and steady movements to prevent spilling of hot water or ingredients.

Handle with care.

Workers should take extra precaution when they are near hot surfaces, handling hot oil or working with grease. Reaching across surfaces, transporting hot materials and dumping hot liquids can be disastrous if a worker is not careful, says Occupational Health Center.

Wear burn prevention gear.

Personal protective equipment is needed for bakery workers. Oven mitts, aprons, gloves, and more are required to handle the ingredients and bakeware safely.

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