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Implementing Safe Practices For Outdoor Summer Workers

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Outdoor Summer Workers: Implementing Safe PracticesIn our last two articles, we explored the common dangers that outdoor workers face during the summer and how to recognize and prevent dehydration. The extreme temperatures, humidity, and physical demands of outdoor jobs can wreak havoc on your workers and increase your Workers’ Compensation Insurance claims. The following are the types of safe practices and equipment you can implement and provide to protect your employees and your bottom line this summer season.

Work practices.

Employers should have a response method handy to treat employees who suffer from dehydration or heat stroke. In addition, workloads should be given gradually to allow employees time to adjust to the heat. This applies to both new employees and those who have been away from working in the heat for more than a week.

Employers should also allow employees to conduct a healthy work and rest cycle. In extreme temperatures, workers should be permitted to take frequent breaks, be provided with fresh water, and allowed to distribute their workload evenly throughout the day.

OSHA also recommends that you rotate job functions among employees to prevent spending too much time in the heat at once. Instead, have your outdoor employees trade off and take turns working indoors and outdoors.

Most importantly, your employees and management should be aware and be able to recognize the signs of heat-related illness to administer the proper first aid care.

Personal protective equipment.

According to OSHA, special cooling devices can protect workers in certain hot environments. In some workplaces, insulated gloves, insulated suits, reflective clothing, or infrared reflecting face shields may be needed. Thermally conditioned clothing might be used for extremely hot conditions, such as:

  • A garment with a self-contained air conditioner in a backpack.
  • A garment with a compressed air source that feeds cool air through a vortex tube.
  • A plastic jacket whose pockets can be filled with dry ice or containers of ice.

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