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Opioid-Fighting Implant: A Workers’ Compensation Concern?

Opioid-Fighting Implant A Workers’ Compensation ConcernIn a 12-5 vote, by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration committee, a new drug implant to battle opioid addiction has been voted in. According to an article in Business Insurance, the FDA’s Psychopharmacologic Drugs Advisory Committee approved this long-acting, rod-shaped drug called Probuphine. Titan Pharmaceuticals created this implant which is inserted in the arm and is said to help reduce opioid dependence with a daily dose of buprenorphine for up to 6 months. However, this substance used to gradual take people of opioids could call for a Workers’ Comp concern. Furthermore, it’s important to protect your client from a workplace injury with New Jersey Workers’ Compensation.

Probuphine, being a version of buprenorphine, is already available in pill and film form and widely accepted to help people stay off opioids. However, the prefered method would be a natural tapering process in which the drugs are gradually decreased. Although, individual plans for particular patients is important to customize in these situations.

The FDA spoke about their concerns on the training of physicians to surgically insert the rod. The hope is that “provider qualification and training should be better defined.” The committee will also require a “a risk mitigation strategy (beyond professional labeling) will be required to address the risk of complications of migration, protrusion, expulsion and nerve damage resulting from improper insertion and removal of Probuphine.” However, with expensive additions, there will be a long-term cost to consider for the Worker’s Comp payers. The FDA is scheduled to make a decision by Feb. 27th.

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