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Older Employees and their Effect on Workers Comp

Older Employees and their Effect on Workers CompAccording to the Department of Labor, older workers are even more likely to develop disabilities or have existing disabilities become more evident.  Older workers bring to the workforce experience and extensive industry knowledge. However, they can also present many challenges when it comes illness and injury management.

In addition, they are likely to experience more incidents of strain or sprains in high manual labor jobs.  As your workforce ages, the chances for comorbid illnesses, obesity, or diabetes becomes more, potentially increasing workers’ compensation claims. This results in Workers’ Compensation costs that could affect your business!

According to an article in Claims Journal, older employees must be kept in mind.  Although the frequency of injuries declines as one ages, the severity of an injury can become serious. An employee injured at the age of 60 is more likely to suffer more trauma and prolonged healing because of their age.

Though it’s true that accidents can occur in the workplace, a majority of workers comp claims are preventable. In order to address the issues related to older workers, it’s important to implement wellness programs in the workplace to retain talented, yet aging workers. It’s also important that your older workers are familiar with your company’s safety procedures and practices.

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