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Why NJ Workers’ Comp Claims Often Get Denied

Why NJ Workers’ Comp Claims Often Get DeniedAs you are likely well aware of, as a NJ Workers’ Comp Insurance Agent, there are many reasons to deny a Workers’ Compensation claim. However, your clients and their employees may not be educated on these matters, so it is important that you keep them well informed, should the need arise to place a claim. Reporting claims promptly and accurately can save not only your client a lot of time, but can save you a headache as well.

A few of the key reasons your clients’ or their employees’ claim might be denied could be because:

  • Their injury was not witnessed
  • They didn’t report their injury until days or even weeks after the fact
  • The accident report and the initial medical records do not match
  • Illegal drugs were found in the defendant’s system
  • The claim was filed after the employee was terminated form their position
  • They would not give their insurance company a recorded statement, or refused to sign medical authorizations

New Jersey Workers’ Compensation insurers will typically ask that the injured employee(s) sign medical authorizations that will allow the insurer to write directly to the employees’ health care providers to get that employee’s medical records and bills. While the employee typically has no legal obligation to sign medical authorizations, if an injured employee chooses to file a Workers’ Comp claim, they are obligated to give their medical records and bills relating to the work accident to their insurer. Many workers don’t understand this, but it’s important that their insurer has a full record of what occurred.

At Associated Specialty Insurance Agency (ASIA), we understand your clients likely have many questions about their New Jersey Workers’ Compensation coverage. Our focus over the past two decades has been exclusively in Workers’ Compensation, providing insurance agents and brokers with access to markets and programs for their clients throughout our target states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida. For more information about our services and what industries we target, please contact us today at (866) 679-7457.

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