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Could NJ Workers’ Comp Benefits Serve as Life Insurance?

Could NJ Workers’ Comp Benefits Serve as Life Insurance?   Many of your clients may not be aware of this, but under New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Law, if a workers’ untimely death is materially related to their course of employment, their dependents could be compensated. With most cases within the state, Workers’ Comp benefits are payable to the dependents if the employee has suffered a job related illness or accident that resulted in death as long as all other requirements are met as defined under the state law.

While of course this is not a matter that any employer or worker likes to think about, the fact of the matter is that some workplace injuries do result in tragedies; and securing the appropriate coverage will financially protect these employers should they be held personally liable for such injuries.

Under N.J. law, dependents such as the worker’s spouse, civil union partner, or children under 18 who were part of the household at the time of the decedent’s death are eligible to receive their New Jersey Workers’ Comp benefits, which includes a percentage of the workers’ wages.

While Workers’ Compensation payments in no way replace life insurance, they certainly serve as a supplement. To ensure your clients’ employees are appropriately covered with Workers’ Compensation insurance, they should consult with an experienced Workers’ Compensation attorney.

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