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Cutting Off NJ Workers’ Comp Benefits for DUI Violators

Cutting Off NJ Workers' Comp Benefits for DUI ViolatorsUnder the state’s current Workers’ Compensation law, a person can be convicted of violating the state’s strict DUI laws, yet can still be eligible to collect NJ Workers’ Comp Benefits due to an injury sustained in the same accident. Many New Jersey legislators find this absurd, stating that “permitting this abuse of benefits and taxpayers; dollars is egregious and stands in direct contradiction to New Jersey’s stringent DUI laws.”

This may not last much longer though; there’s been a call for action on legislation that would prevent convicted drunk drivers from receiving these benefits. Specifically, the legislation, called on by Sen. Christopher J. Connors, Assemblyman Brian E. Rumpf and Assemblywoman Dianne C. Gove of the 9th District, will amend the NJ Worker’ Comp law to define that if an employee was intoxicated with their injury or death occurred, that it will be presumed the injury or death was caused by the intoxication. Therefore, the employee or employee’s family will be barred from receiving NJ Workers’ Comp benefits.

An important factor to note is that the current NJ Workers’ Comp law, including DUI violators as benefits receivers, was created in 1911 and “may no longer comport with current policies.” Basically, the law is outdated, having been developed at a time that drunk driving didn’t constitute the direct threat to public safety that it does today.

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