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Most Common New Jersey Office Job Workers’ Compensation Risks

Most Common New Jersey Office Job Workers’ Compensation RisksMost Common New Jersey Office Job Workers’ Compensation Risks

When most people hear the term “New Jersey Workers’ Compensation”, they tend to think of dangerous or at least manual labor, jobs. This may include the construction field, the healthcare field, auto care, and even retail. Workers’ Compensation is certainly a necessary coverage for these industries; however an often forgotten field that it’s also necessary in, is office jobs. This could include accountants, computer programmers, attorneys, etc. You may be thinking, what’s so dangerous about these jobs? It’s not that these careers are inherently dangerous; it’s that the risks present could prove costly should employees need medical treatment.

So what are the top New Jersey Office Job Workers’ Compensation Risks?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This syndrome is actually quite common in people who regularly type or do some other repetitive motion on a daily basis. What happens is that there is excessive pressure on the median nerve in the wrist that allows feeling and movement to party of the hand. Carpal Tunnel can lead to numbness, tingling, weakness, and pain. It can often be treated with a wrist brace, but sometimes requires costly surgery.

Lower-Back Pain. Back pain is a major reason for missed work for adults of all ages, according to the Georgetown University Center on an Aging Society. Unfortunately, this is a common complaint of many people who have no choice but to sit hours on end. The problem is exasperated if the worker has bad posture.

Eyestrain. It’s very common for individuals who are on a computer all day to develop eyestrain. At best, this is just a nuisance, causing temporary blurry vision or headaches. However, more serious symptoms could eventually result such as severe headaches and nausea, or muscle injury from one adjusting their posture to get a better look at their computer screen.

Knowing what risks office workers face can help your clients who work in these professional services fields, by making them aware of their need to prevent accidents and injuries. Proper training in injury prevention can go a long way. In our next post, we’ll look at some preventive tips your clients could follow to potentially avoid these New Jersey Office Job Workers’ Compensation Risks.

At the Associated Specialty Insurance Agency, Inc., we understand that fostering a culture of safety with ongoing training and supervision is key to mitigating risk and securing an affordable, effective New Jersey Workers’ Compensation package. Please contact us today at (866) 679-7457 to learn more about the various industries we serve.

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