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Top Issues Facing New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Agents

Top Issues Facing New Jersey Workers' Compensation AgentsTop Issues Facing New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Agents

There are often many challenges for insurance agents in the New Jersey Workers’ Compensation sector. However, wherever there is a challenge there is also an opportunity, depending on how you look at it. Although state laws regarding Workers’ Compensation will vary, the 2014 International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissioners (IAIABC) recently had their annual conference in Austin, which highlighted common Workers’ Compensation issues and possible solutions.

Whether you are in Austin or are a New Jersey Workers’ Compensation agent, the following problems are some of the top Workers’ Comp issues facing regulators.

Ride-sharing Services. There has recently been a surge of ride-sharing services nationwide that is concerning regulators and New Jersey Workers’ Compensation agents. The issue from a Workers’ Compensation viewpoint is that nobody knows whether these drivers should be classified as employees of these particular ride-sharing services – such as Uber – or whether they are independent contractors. While the latter may make more sense, owners or taxi companies are arguing that allowing these drivers to be classified as independent contractors will allow them to have an unfair competitive advantage. States are torn on whether to classify these drivers by statue or let this be done by the courts.

Treatment Guidelines. While not applicable in New Jersey at this time, several states have pushed out treatment guidelines for issues such as opioid and lower back injuries. These guidelines are resulting in significantly lower medical costs on claims, however the medical community is not a fan; many healthcare professionals feel that these guidelines restrict their ability to render appropriate medical care based on the specifics of the patient.

These are just a couple examples of the most common issues facing Workers’ Compensation regulators and New Jersey Workers’ Compensation agents. Other issues can include; large deductible policies, benefits for illegal aliens, and hospital fee schedules. At Associated Specialty Insurance Agency (ASIA) we understand the New Jersey Workers’ Compensation landscape and can help you navigate through it to best assist your clients. For more information and to learn what Targeted Industries we serve, please contact us today at (866) 679-7457. 

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