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New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Risks in Hospitality

New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Risks in HospitalityNew Jersey Workers’ Compensation Risks in Hospitality

The hospitality industry encompasses a variety of jobs, spanning from food service, to tourism, to hotels, and more. A large percentage of today’s hospitality workforce is comprised of younger employees who may lack experience in labor intensive work settings. Due to this fact, there are many employee risks throughout these sectors. Below are some potentially startling statistics, provided by, that highlight this.

  • Workers in the leisure and hospitality industry report work-related injury or illness at a rate of 4.2 per 100 full-time employees.
  • In the U.S. hotel workers are nearly 40% more likely to be injured on the job than all other service sector workers.
  • Hotel workers sustain more severe injuries resulting in more days off work, more job transfers, and more medically restricted work compared to other employees in the hospitality industry.

In addition to reducing New Jersey Workers’ Compensation risks in hospitality, your hospitality clients will want to consider the real impact of workplace injury and illness. These losses are not limited to the costs of medical care, especially when you consider these indirect areas of impact:

  • Employee morale
  • Group health insurance costs
  • Effects on family members of the injured employee
  • Loss of productivity
  • Skill replacement
  • Tight employment market
  • Cost of hiring new employees

These indirect costs could potentially be reduced or avoided all together with a workplace safety plan.  This starts with proper employee training. All hotel and restaurant staff should be trained in safety management, and know how to recognize New Jersey Workers’ Compensation risks in hospitality. For example, one of the most frequent employee injuries comes from slips and falls due to spills in restaurants. In the hotel industry, lifting injuries are common.

At Associated Specialty Insurance Agency, Inc. (A.S.I.A), we understand the unique New Jersey Workers Comp risks in hospitality. We know that Workers’ Compensation exposure is a significant cost driver in an operation’s bottom line. We have the underwriting expertise to offer your Hospitality clients a solid and competitive plan from top-rated insurance markets. Please contact us today for more information at (866) 679-7457. 

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