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New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Law

New Jersey Workers’ Compensation LawThere are countless situations in which a workers’ compensation policy is imperative. As stated by Workplace Fairness, workers’ compensation laws provide compensation for injuries and illnesses incurred in the workplace and help to protect workers and employers. While workers’ compensation is a nationwide program, the specifics of the program vary across the nation, as it is implemented on a statewide level. Specifically, in the state of New Jersey, New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Law has recently undergone a number of changes in order to ensure that employees and employers are receiving the best coverage while minimizing cost and fraud.

About Workers’ Compensation

As Workplace Fairness states, there are a number of injuries that are covered under workers’ compensation. These maladies include:

  • Injuries experienced on the job and during job-sponsored events
  • Injuries arising from workplace facilities
  • Prior injuries and conditions that were exacerbated due to the job
  • Mental or physical harm caused by the job
  • Illnesses that were a result of exposure to toxins in the workplace

There are also a number of injuries that are not eligible for workers’ compensation, such as self-inflicted injuries and injuries that were a result of intoxication. Because of the financial risks of such occurrences and the opportunity for fraud, many states have developed detailed procedures for workers’ compensation cases in order to ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible for all parties.

Workers’ Compensation in New Jersey

According to the State of New Jersey Department of Treasury, the workers’ compensation process in New Jersey is very defined. The Division of Risk Management is in charge of the budgeting and handling of all workers’ compensation cases, and it must be notified within 24 hours of knowledge of the injury or illness. The Workers’ Compensation Statute states that compensation will not be awarded until the employer is made aware of the illness or injury, and employers must be notified within fourteen days of knowledge of the injury or illness.

How does the state of New Jersey define a work related injury? The Department of Treasury writes, “A work-related injury is an injury which occurs of and in the course of State employment. ‘In the course of employment’ is defined as when employees are at their place of work, during the hours that they are expected to be there and engaged in doing the task that they were employed to do.” The department continues to specify that this does not only refer to injuries received on their company’s premises; if the employee is working at another location designated by their employer, it qualifies as a work related injury. The State of New Jersey does not provide workers’ compensation for property damage as a result of a work-related accident; only for bodily injuries.

Once an injury is reported, the Department of Risk Management oversees the process of determining whether the reported injury is indeed work related. If medical treatment is necessary, the treatment is governed by the state through Horizon Casualty Services, which is New Jersey’s medical management care provider. All New Jersey employers who are not covered by federal programs are required to have workers’ compensation coverage or self-insurance, as stated by the Department of Labor and Workforce Development. Employers are legally required to post a notice regarding their workers’ compensation coverage, and at the time of hire, they must provide their new employees with an explanation of their workers’ compensation policy, how and when to report an accident, and where to go for medical treatment in the case of an injury.

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