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New Jersey Workers’ Compensation for the Healthcare Industry

The Basics of Florida Workers Compensation for the Healthcare IndustryNew Jersey Workers’ Compensation for the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry encompasses a variety of different jobs, ranging from home care aid to registered nurse to orderly. No matter what type of job your healthcare clients have though, all in the healthcare field share certain risks that increase the chances of an on-the-job injury and a New Jersey Workers’ Compensation claim as a result. It’s important to ensure that your clients are aware of the Workers’ Compensation risks they face. This starts with knowing what the top causes of employee injury are in the healthcare industry. Here are just a few to share with your clients.

  • Overexertion/repetitive stress: OSHA indicates that workers in the healthcare industry are more than seven times as likely to develop musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) compared with other workers. Nursing aids, attendants, and orderlies have the highest risks of these types of injuries, according to OSHA.
  • Patient handling activities: These include manual lifting as patients are transferred to different positions or are repositioned.
  • Needle sticks: Workers in the healthcare industry routinely use needles and sharp medical instruments that could cut or puncture the skin.
  • Violence: According to OSHA, social service workers and other employees in the healthcare industry are at a high risk of being violently assaulted at work. Patients, their families, or their friends all present a risk of violence.
  • Slips and falls: When water or liquids are spilled on the floor of a nursing home or hospital, an employee in the healthcare industry can fall on the slick floor.

These are just some of the common types of injuries in the healthcare industry. Another factor your healthcare clients should keep in mind is how well they are staffed. Many hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics are understaffed and this can actually increase the risks of many types of injuries due to pressure to work faster and the absence of support.

At Associated Insurance Specialty Agency (ASIA) we provide New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Insurance for several sectors of the New Jersey Healthcare Industry. Targeted classes include nursing homes and facilities, physician offices, regional hospitals, and more. Please contact us today at (866) 679-7457 to learn more about our New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Insurance programs and how we can add to your agency growth and retention.

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