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Why Your Clients Need New Jersey Bakery Workers’ Comp

Why Your Clients Need New Jersey Bakery Workers’ CompWhy Your Clients Need New Jersey Bakery Workers’ Comp

If your client owns or manages a bakery, they’ve likely had an employee at one time or another who burned themselves or maybe even slipped and fell. In most cases, these incidents can be minor and the employee may not have any lasting effects due to the injury they sustained. However, there is always a chance that the injury could be severe, and in some cases, that employee could hold your client’s company responsible, and therefore file a New Jersey bakery Workers’ Compensation claim.

New Jersey bakery Workers’ Compensation insurance is of course the only way for your client to completely protect their business financially if a claim occurs, however if your bakery clients are instructed on how to avoid or prevent potential hazards, they could potentially reduce their Workers’ Compensation risks. With this in mind, it’s important to share with your clients what the most common bakery accidents are, so they can take measures to prevent them.

Slips and Falls. According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), slips and falls are the most common bakery accidents, due to wet floors, spilled dough, batter, and dry ingredients, as well as uneven or obstructed floor surfaces. The best way to mitigate this type of risk is to immediately clean up any spills and post warning signs when floors are wet or slippery. Also, it’s important to use a degreasing solution on oil and grease spills.

Maintain Equipment. Bakery equipment such as moving blades, mixing arms, and conveyors on dough brakes, pie and tart machines, mixers, rollers, and dividers pose cutting and caught/crush hazards. Not only should these machines be properly maintained, but bakers should guard moving and sharp parts and keep equipment areas clear to avoid accidentally bumping into moving parts.

Have a Fire Evacuation Plan. Gas and electric heat sources in bakers pose a fire risk. Have an evacuation plan and let employees know what it is. Keep escape routes clear of storage and debris at all times, and keep fire extinguishers handy.

These are just a few ways that your bakery clients can reduce their New Jersey Bakery Workers’ Comp risks. It’s also important for their employees to receive proper safety training, and it’s equally important for your clients and their employees to use caution when boiling any ingredients, handling heavy kitchen equipment, and using flour (due to breathing issues it may cause).

At Associated Specialty Insurance Agency, Inc. (A.S.I.A), we understand the unique New Jersey Workers’ Compensation risks in the bakery industry. We know that NJ Workers’ Compensation exposure is a significant cost driver in an operation’s bottom line. We have the underwriting expertise to offer your clients a solid and competitive plan and perhaps even a Dividend Program from top-rated insurance markets. Please contact us today for more information at (866) 679-7457. 

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