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Monmouth Workers’ Comp: Asbestos Risks for Mechanics – Part 1

Monmouth Workers' Comp Asbestos Risks for Mechanics – Part 1Monmouth Workers’ Comp: Asbestos Risks for Mechanics – Part 1

Being an auto mechanic is arguably one of the riskiest careers around. Mechanics often fall victim to various accidents; slips and falls caused by spilled motor oil, cuts or bruises from mishandling tools, and back injuries due to improper lifting or bending. These are the most common risks; however an often forgotten, but dangerous, consequence of working as a mechanic is their exposure to asbestos.

Although newer cars have less asbestos than older vehicles, the use of asbestos has not been abandoned completely. Your clients should know where exactly the risks lay when working on vehicles that may be affected, if they don’t already.

Hoodliners: Many of the automotive hoodliners developed in recent decades were created from asbestos fibers.

Brakes: Brake linings naturally wear down through friction during regular vehicle use. This is harmless to the average driver who doesn’t get up close and personal with brakes, however mechanics who are working on them are exposed to the release of asbestos dust.

Clutches: Both in old and newer vehicle models, some clutch parts contain asbestos. During normal wear and tear, this asbestos is ground down and may collect around the parts and in clutch compartments.

Gasket Material, Heat Seals, Valve Rings and Packing: Asbestos has been used in all of these components for decades. These components are less likely to contain asbestos in new models, however in older cars it is a problem.

Why is asbestos exposure so dangerous, and why is it used? Asbestos is extremely fire-resistant, making it a logical choice for vehicle components. However due to this, it’s practically indestructible, so breathing it in leads to a buildup in the individuals lungs, eventually leading to a type of cancer called mesothelioma.

In our next post, we will talk a little more about how asbestos is spread, and what safety measures OSHA recommends taking within auto repair shops to limit exposure. At Associated Specialty Insurance Agency, Inc. (ASIA), we understand the Monmouth Workers’ Comp Risks faced by Auto Mechanics and various other professionals and industries. Please contact us today at (866) 679-7457 to learn more about our products and services.

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