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The Increasing Workers Comp Risks of Mobile Employment

The Increasing Workers Comp Risks of Mobile EmploymentHow we define the workspace is drastically changing. The workspace now is something you can access through mobile devices at any time, in any place.

For employers, there are significant benefits to embracing the “work-from-anywhere” culture, such as:

  • Larger access to potential hires.
  • Improve worker retention.
  • Increased worker productivity at a low fixed cost.

Though these benefits seem great for a New Jersey Small Business, there are numerous scenarios in which employers could be liable for injuries in or near a home office. While coverage varies by state, many injuries have been ruled compensable.

According to an article in Insurance Journal, at this year’s Risk and Insurance Management Society meeting, experts told employers and risk managers to start establishing clear rules on using mobile devices in order to mitigate injury claims.

As an employer, implementing the following practices may limit workers’ compensation liability claims:

  • Create a telecommuting policy that stipulates the employer’s expectations for employee’s work.
  • Limit telecommuting to individuals who are well-suited for working without regular supervision.
  • Establish guidelines for a home office.
  • Set fixed work hours and breaks for telecommuters.

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