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Common Misconceptions about Workplace Injuries

Common Misconceptions about Workplace InjuriesCreating a safe workplace takes action. Recognizing what causes hazards and taking steps to avoid injuries is important for your clients’ company. An organization must work together at all levels to ensure their employees are safe. It’s essential that your client acknowledges safety precautions and protect themselves with NJ Workers’ Compensation Insurance.

According to an article in EHS Today, most people find achieving safety to be an ongoing myth. These are the most common misconceptions about workplace injuries taken by a poll.

Myth #1: Being safe costs money and wastes time. This is far from the truth. By understanding the power of a cost/benefit analysis, you can consider the direct and indirect cost of injuries. The cost of recovery and lost wages is much more significant than taking safety precautions around the workplace. Not only does a personal injury impact productivity of the company, it also affects earning potential for the individual injured.

Myth#2: Accidents just happen. Research shows that 99 percent of all accidents are preventable. The idea being, you have a large amount of control over the situations around you. If a worker believes that he/she has no control, then he/she is less likely to prepare himself and more likely to come face-to-face with a hazard.

Myth #3: No workplace can be hazard free. Most people believe that you can create a workplace free of hazards. This is not the case. It’s important to follow safety procedures. It requires direction and application to recognize and lessen all hazards. We only work in a dangerous and hazardous environment if we don’t follow the safety precautions. By failing to follow all safe work procedures and not wearing personal protective equipment, we increase the risk of a workplace injury. In order to make a workplace hazard-free, one must actively identify, evaluate the risk and apply rules to protect their employees.

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