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Low-Cost Safety Training

Low-Cost Safety TrainingImplementing safety programs are essential for a running a small business. However, how can you do this in a cost-efficient way? In order to establish a safety training program on a limited budget, there are a few things to keep in mind. One, understand the basic requirements to do the job tasks safely. Two, determine your employee’s level of understanding and knowledge. Thirdly, ensure your employees are protected with a Workers’ Compensation policy should an injury arise.

According to an article in The Workers’ Comp Gazette, the best way to implement low-cost safety training programs is through employee engagement.  Here are a few things you should do  to engage your employees at a low cost: 

  1. Do not buy safety videos as they do not represent your specific environment that you work in.
  1. Grab a digital camera, take photos of your employee working and put those photos into a PowerPoint Presentation. Use the photos to highlight the wrong and right way to do certain tasks and describe to them what is expected. Make sure to add the policies on the slide.
  2. Have a group training program with supervisory guidance.
  3. Use the photos as poster reminders throughout the workplace.
  4. Create a slogan that reminds employees of what the workplace safety code is.
  5. Create incentives for employees attending and participating in training programs.

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