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The Link Between Employee Engagement and Safety

The Link Between Employee Engagement and Safety A recent study has shown the correlation between increased employee engagement and decreased safety concerns. As employees who take pride in their job tend to show more initiative, promoting employee engagement is critical to reducing injury claims. However, NJ Workers’ Compensation Insurance is a necessity for New Jersey businesses and the proper coverage can help keep your operations and employees out of hot water.

The research compiled by Harter et al. 2009 found that the top 25% of business units (in terms of engagement) have 49% less safety incidents than the bottom 25%; and 41% less patient safety incidents occurred in healthcare settings when employees were overtly engaged.

The attitudes of employees also play a part in the workplace safety, as well. Employees who are engaged in their jobs and take pride in their roles are more likely to implement improvements and even suggest further safety provisions. As they tend to feel more responsible for their performance, attitudes are greatly influenced in a positive way. Insync Surveys states that attitudes drive performance and behaviors, and it has been estimated that unsafe behaviors cause up to 70% of workplace accidents.

Conversely, employees who are disengaged from their roles are more likely to be involved in workplace injuries as they tend to become more burnt out. This lack of motivation has a direct impact on the frequency of workplace injuries.

The paper also states that the average cost of a safety incident for a non-engaged employee was $392 whereas the average cost of an engaged employee incident was $63, according to research performed by Lockwood in 2007.

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