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Keeping Hotel Workers Safe: California Petitions for Better Procedures

Keeping Hotel Workers Safe California Petitions for Better Procedures 2Most people are unaware of the taxing duties hotel housekeepers are involved in. What used to be a couple of pillows and some sheets to a room are now luxury amenities, such as TVs. When working in the hospitality sector, slips, falls and back injuries are a common accident. As a result of a higher risk for workplace injury, this industry is exposed to cases of Workers’ Comp claims. To protect your clients from the financial devastation that can result from an injury of this kind, follow up with Hospitality Workers’ Compensation Program.

According to Safety + Health, injury risk factors for housekeepers include forceful exertions, awkward postures, repetitive motions and little rest. How do we reduce these risks? With awareness and education. Fortunately, steps are being taken for better protection and training for hotel housekeeping workers.

In California, UNITE HERE petitioned for the “promulgation of a safety and health standard to address the occupational hazards faced by housekeepers in the hotel and hospitality industry.” The California Department of Industrial Relations’ Division of Occupational Safety and Health, hosted an advisory committee meeting to collect input from employers, workers, and safety and health professionals.

To further musculoskeletal injury prevention, a draft on possible standards for hotel injury prevention has been constructed with training components that include: practice with tools workers will use on the job, reporting safety issues, signs and risk factors for musculoskeletal injuries, elements of the musculoskeletal injury prevention program and an opportunity for discussion with an individual with knowledge on housekeeping procedures and equipment.

There has been a visible change in these industries for hospitality workers. Some hotels are starting to use safer chemicals, stocking rooms with lighter furniture, refraining from flipping mattresses and encouraging workers to stretch before work.

Some tips to stay safe and avoid workplace injuries include: reporting any pain, wearing comfortable shoes, stretching and positioning yourself accordingly.

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