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Injury Prevention in the Restaurant Industry

Injury Prevention in the Restaurant IndustryRestaurant workers face various risks in their workplaces each day. While a restaurant might not share the traditional sense of risks and potential for injury, heat, sharp knives, trip hazards and more are commonplace in this sector. A proper understanding of the threats that this industry faces will allow for a comprehensive identification and prevention plan to mitigate loss. In this article series, we’re going to explore the common types of injuries, how to prevent them, and share some additional tips to pass on to your clients to keep their restaurant employees safe and protect their bottom line. Most importantly, your client’s biggest resource in protecting their business and their employees is a Hospitality Workers’ Compensation Insurance Program.

Common injuries.

  • Burns – Not surprisingly, approximately one-third of occupational burns occur in restaurants, totaling approximately 12,000 cases each year, states QSR Magazine. Fryers, ovens, stoves, hot cookware, and boiling water leave plenty of room for potential burns for kitchen staff.
  • Cuts and lacerations – Almost any kitchen contains sharp objects like knives, slicers, glass and other dangers that can lead to cuts and lacerations. Injuries can range in severity, but serious ones can easily result in a claim. In some cases, this can also put valued employees out of commission for an extended period of time, states RMI Solutions.
  • Slips and falls – Wet floors, spilled drinks, and more can lead to an employee (or patron) slipping and falling in a restaurant.

Proactive injury prevention.

  • Train your employees. The more information employees have, the less likely they are to run right into harm’s way. Take the time to teach proper ergonomics, food handling practices, cooking safety, implementing prompt housekeeping, and more.
  • Post OSHA’s safety regulations for the service industry in plain view, which can be found here.
  • Create a safety checklist for employees to follow each day, including placing proper signage out, returning sharp items to their designated locations, stocking first aid kits, etc.

Additional safety tips.

In addition to the above-mentioned strategies, consider the following tips for your restaurant.

  • Use nonslip mats in the kitchen.
  • Require proper footwear for employees.
  • Require employees to wear chain gloves when slicing to prevent cutting themselves.

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