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Identifying Bakery Workers’ Comp Risks

Identifying Bakery Workers’ Comp RisksAny experienced baker understands that while this profession is one of passion and enjoyment, it is not without its fair share of risks. In fact, bakers face an array of exposures, including slips, falls, burns, and more. As we explore this portfolio of risks, ensure you protect your client’s operation and employees with a Bakery Workers’ Compensation Insurance program.

Slips and falls.

These injuries are common among bakers as water, batter, dough and more can drip on the floor. Bakers can avoid these injuries by ensuring there are flat, nonslip walking surfaces and that their work stations are kept tidy. Make sure to keep production areas clean and ensure that spills are marked with warning signs and cleaned promptly.

Cutting and crushing risks.

Bakery equipment such as moving blades, mixing arms, and conveyors on dough brakes, pie and tart machines, mixers, rollers and dividers pose cutting and caught/crush hazards. Keep equipment in good condition, guard moving and sharp parts, keep equipment clearances to avoid accidentally bumping into moving parts, and use safety devices such as power interlocks, two-handed controls, and emergency-stop bars. In addition, practice lockout/tagout during maintenance and cleaning, advises State Compensation Insurance Fund.


Bringing water, sugar, milk, syrups and more to a boil create a scalding risk for bakers. What’s more, lifting heavy pans in and out of ovens also creates more exposure for burns. To prevent burns, handle boiling ingredients with caution, move slowly with them if they need to be transported within the kitchen, and pour them slowly to prevent splashing burns.

Flour dust inhalation.

Breathing flour dust can cause asthma and nose, throat, and eye irritation. Repeated exposure to flour and dough can sensitize skin. Control flour dust with enclosed storage bins, adequate ventilation, and enclosed mixing. Don’t sweep flour from floors; use a high-efficiency vacuum cleaner or wet mopping.

About ASIA Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation insurance is required in most states, but that doesn’t mean all coverages are created equally. An experienced carrier with aggressive claims management can reduce the overall costs to the business and get the employee back to work in a timely manner. Associated Specialty Insurance Agency, Inc. has been “The Workers’ Compensation Specialist for Brokers and Agents” for the past two decades and is committed to providing brokers and insurance agents across the East Coast with expertise and services to develop a Workers’ Compensation policy. For more information about how we can assist you with claims management, anti-fraud measures, and more, call (610) 543-5510 to speak with one of our professionals.

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