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Holiday Rush Prep: Protecting Retail Workers

Holiday Rush Prep Protecting Retail WorkersAs holiday season is rapidly approaching, the safety and protection of your retail employees is emphasized. As heavy crowds, decorations galore, and potential chaos looms, a Retail Workers’ Compensation Program and the following safety tips can help to combat these risks.

Crowd Control- The infamous Black Friday, and now even the days that precede it, brings swarms of crowds to a variety of retail stores. While this foot traffic may not keep the same pace for the rest of the holiday season, it is important to prepare for the incoming crowds by creating structured lines for check out, clearly stated signs, and ample security. In addition, the store should be properly staffed to compensate for the increase in business. In turn, this will ensure the customers are properly taken care of, prevent them from becoming frustrated, and can decrease additional stress on employees.

Train Employees- As the holiday season typically requires a lot of temporary help, new hires should be adequately trained on safety, processes, and procedures of the job. What’s more, by giving standards of operation and safety tips to new and existing employees, employers will also be giving preventative safety tips in the event things start to get out of hand, according to Markhoff & Mittman. These safety considerations include proper lifting techniques, ladder safety, etc.

Decorate Wisely- Avoid placing extension cords in high foot-traffic areas, hang displays in a safe area that does not block emergency exits, and ensure decorations are not flammable. Keep all decorations away from heat sources and out of walkways to allow customers to easily navigate the store. Lastly, ensure any hanging decorations are properly secured and fastened.

Regulate Inventory- Overstocking shelves can be dangerous as items are at greater risk of falling onto customers and employees. Keep excess stock out of walkways in backroom storage areas, as well.

At Associated Specialty Insurance Agency, we specialize in Workers’ Compensation. Depending on the type and size of your business, we strive to foster a sense of safety and protection within your clients’ company with underwriting expertise specifically suited for your operation. To learn more, contact us today at (866) 679-7457.

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