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The Health Effects of Sitting at Work

the-health-effects-of-sitting-at-workThose who sit at a desk all day are typically answering the question, “Do you feel safe at work,” with a “Yes.” However, studies have found that these answers may be incorrect, technically speaking. As a reminder, make sure you’re protected with New Jersey Small Business Workers Compensation.

According to an article in Risk & Insurance, simply sitting at a desk for up to 40 hours a week can be detrimental to a person’s health.

The majority of employees sitting at a desk all day are suffering from some sort of neck, back or wrist injury. Musculoskeletal strains are the number one and fastest growing class of Workers’ Comp injuries and they are very underreported. Repetitive Strain Injuries is the correct term when describing these micro-traumas due to poor posture or sitting too long.

Unfortunately, the treatment for these types of injuries is complicated because a diagnosis may take years to identify the source of the pain, which in turn becomes expensive. However, let’s say an injury is treated; unfortunately, the worker often times goes back to where the injury started in the first place. These kinds of injuries take years to develop and just the same to rehabilitate. The cost of these types of injuries are ongoing and calculated to be about billions of dollars a year in Workers’ Comp and disability claims.

As a business, you must protect your employees. How? It’s rather simple. To manage the risks associated with prolonged sitting it’s important to apply to things: education and prevention, to the mix.

Changing the work environment can be a beneficial way of avoiding these types of injuries. Have them sit less. Purchase better desks and chairs. Get them moving. Teach them best practices in sitting for long periods of time. Take breaks. There are plenty of ways to adjust your businesses’ work environment to promote the safety of your clients.

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