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Workers’ Comp: Exploring the Risks of Heat Stroke

Workers’ Comp Exploring the Risks of Heat StrokeAs the extreme heat of the summer months persists, workers whose jobs are predominantly outside are at risk of suffering heat stress and heat stroke. However, in order to collect New Jersey Workers’ Compensation for this condition, there are specific guidelines that need to be proven. Moreover, protecting your employees from heat stroke is essential to deter against these claims.

Generally, Workers’ Compensation can be provided to those who can prove their heat stroke was caused or worsened by the essential job functions or work conditions. Although a preexisting condition could be present, the employer would be liable for paying the damages if the given work conditions worsened it. Given this fact, let’s take a closer look at ways to prevent employees from heat stroke.

Heat Exposure Safety- It is critical for employers to provide a written outdoor heat exposure safety program. In addition, providing information on identifying heat stroke symptoms and noting environmental and personal factors that contribute to this condition is also necessary.

Water- Employers are responsible for providing water to keep all employees adequately hydrated. Frequent water and resting breaks should be encouraged to reduce the risk. Federal OSHA regulations recommend at least one quart of water per employee per hour, according to Find Law.

Treatment- If employees show signs of heat stroke, they must be immediately relieved from duties and rest in a shaded area to reduce body temperature. In some states, employers are required to provide shaded areas so employees can take resting breaks while on duty.

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