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Essex County Workers’ Comp: Safety Tips for Tradesmen

Essex County Workers’ Comp Safety Tips for TradesmenEssex County Workers’ Comp: Safety Tips for Tradesmen

Artisan contractors, often better known by homeowners as tradesmen or handymen, typically engage in risky practices by association. Whether your client is an electrician, plumber, mason, or even a drywall installer, accidents can happen. These individuals are often dealing with work factors such as heights, power tools, sharp blades, heavy and awkward materials, or even toxic materials, not to mention electrical components and natural gas.

Oftentimes homeowners will choose to hire a professional for home repairs for safety reasons. However, just because your client is a professional does not mean they are immune to accidents. Below are some common home improvement safety tips and how they apply to tradesmen and artisan contractors.

Tackle only tasks you can handle. Is your client a plumber? If so, if their customer asks them if they can “just check out this lighting issue they have,” your client should probably recommend an electrician rather than tackling the job themselves. While many artisan contractors do specialize in a variety of fields, if they are only licensed in one field not only does it create a liability for their employer, but it also increases the chance of an error occurring and somebody getting hurt.

When using a ladder, position it correctly. Ladders should always be placed on a flat and firm surface. As the tradesmen climbs the ladder or reaches from it, they should be sure to keep their weight centered. Leaning out to one side or standing on the top two rungs can throw off their balance and cause an accident.

Have a fire extinguisher on hand. In large construction projects, there is always a contractor who provides a “fire watch.” This, of course, is not possible when a single contractor is working on a home repair project. When working with power tools, welding equipment, or any electrical components, there is a very real chance of a fire occurring. As the homeowner will likely not be present to provide a fire watch, it’s imperative that the tradesman have a fire extinguisher on hand.

These are just a few of the ways that your clients can ensure their safety while on the job. At Associated Specialty Insurance Agency (ASIA) we understand the unique Essex County Workers’ Compensation risks that your Artisan Contractor clients face. Please contact us today at (866) 679-7457 to learn more about our services and the other Targeted Industries we serve.

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