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Essex County Workers’ Comp: How to Ensure Restaurant Worker Safety

Essex County Workers’ Comp How to Ensure Restaurant Worker SafetyEssex County Workers’ Comp: How to Ensure Restaurant Worker Safety

When it comes to hospitality, restaurants can be the riskiest business to be in. In addition to the danger of kitchen fires, there is also the risk of slips and falls, foodborne illnesses, and more. However one risk that all restaurants can be proactive about is worker injury. Putting a focus on staff safety is not only imperative to the happiness and health of your clients’ staff; it could also help reduce their Essex County Workers’ Comp risks.

According to an article published in QSR Magazine, studies from OSHA have indicated that for every $1 invested in effective work safety programs, $4-$6 could be saved as illnesses, injuries, and fatalities decline. Everyone benefits by creating a culture of safety in the workplace, so how can this be done?

Your clients need to know that fostering safety in their restaurant requires commitment from their management team as well as employee involvement.  Safety programs simple can’t work without leadership involvement. Management should provide visible leadership in collaboration with employees in order to develop, implement, and improve the company’s workplace safety initiatives. As an effective safety and health program must meet the needs of both the restaurant and its employees, staff should be involved in making suggestions and decisions on how to improve safety.

How else can your clients foster safety in the workplace? Well, it’s important to understand that lack of awareness of a hazard results in many of the Essex County Workers’ Comp claims that come to light. This lack of awareness is generally caused by a failure to examine the worksite on a regular basis, in order to ensure that safety and health policies or practices are effective.

Once hazards are identified, your client can consider prevention and control measures. When feasible, hazards should and can be prevented by effective design of the job site or job. Of course, some hazards are impossible to completely eliminate, especially in the restaurant business. In this case, they must be controlled to prevent unsafe and unhealthy exposures.

Safety and health responsibilities in the restaurant industry should never be views as separate, less-important requirements than other training issues in the workplace. Safety and health training is most often effective when it’s incorporated into the training manual of a workplace.

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