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Essex County Workers’ Comp: Natural Disaster Protection

Essex County Workers’ Comp Natural Disaster Protection Essex County Workers’ Comp: Natural Disaster Protection

As most anyone in New Jersey is well aware, a natural disaster can happen at any time. Storms and water damage due to storms are perhaps the biggest natural disaster risks facing residents and businesses in Essex County. Just as a homeowner would want to ensure the safety of their family if a natural disaster hits, employers should focus on the safety of themselves and their staff as well. There are steps your clients can take in order to prepare for a natural disaster in the workplace; steps that will not only protect their health and safety, but potentially reduce the chance of your client facing an Essex County Workers’ Comp claim.

Per OSHA guidelines, if your clients’ business has more than 10 employees, there must be an emergency action plan documented on paper per their regulations. In addition to creating this plan, it must be distributed to all employees, and each worker should have access to open lines of communication as a disaster approaches. These lines of communication can include weather radios, cell and land line phones, and television communications. Even if a business has less than 10 employees, it’s still a wise idea to have a disaster preparedness plan in place to focus on the safety of employees.

So what should this plan include? An effective plan will typically include:

  • Procedures to respond to various emergency situations.
  • Methods to recover and maintain business continuity.
  • Securing efficient resources and supplies for crisis events.
  • Appropriate employee training.
  • A Back-up plan.

In addition to an efficient plan, your clients should ensure that they have all their necessary and correct safety products made easily accessible for all staff during or before an emergency. Your clients should also establish a communication protocol for before the disaster (if possible), during the disaster, and after the disaster.

In addition to focusing on worker safety, employers should also try to protect both their physical and technological property of their business as best they can by ensuring they have the proper equipment to ready their office for a storm. This should be a last priority after ensuring safety of their employees, however still an important component of emergency preparedness.

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