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Electrician Safety: Using the Right Tools

Electrician Safety: Using the Right ToolsThe nature of their work requires electricians to be skilled in their craft. While experience and practice are key elements of any successful electrician, so is using the right tools. This might seem fairly obvious to most, but what exactly constitutes the “right” tools? In this article we will take a closer look at the necessary tools and safety devices that electricians need to implement to reduce the threat of injury and promote efficiency on their job sites. In addition, don’t forget to protect yourself and your employees with a Workers’ Compensation Insurance package.


Because electricians have to cut and strip wires all the time, the T-Stripper is one of the most important construction tools for an electrician to have. Electrical wire is insulated with thermoplastic that is not easily removed by using a standard wire knife, so the T-Stripper is essential for worker efficiency and safety, states eSub Construction Software.

Cable puller.

A tedious cable laying job can be completed quickly with a cable puller. These devices range from 25 feet per minute to 100 feet per minute, depending on the cable and the device. This can save time and money for electrical contractors.

Coated pliers.

Working with live wires presents obvious risks for electricians. Coated pliers can be used to protect the electrician when cutting and handling various types of wires.

Safety equipment.

Depending on the job, whether it’s commercial or residential, electricians should be equipped with proper rubber-soled shoes, a hard hat, gloves, and protective eyewear.

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