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Electrician Safety: Being Aware of Job Hazards

Electrician Safety: Being Aware of Job HazardsIn our previous posts, we explored how using the right tools and wearing the right gear can prevent dangers on the job. This time, we’re going to dive deeper into being aware of your surroundings to prevent electrocution, severe injury, and even death. It goes without saying that electricians face severe job site dangers, so taking the necessary precautions and being hyper aware of your work environment can mitigate these risks. In addition, protect your operation with a Workers’ Compensation Insurance package.

The risk of electrocution might be the most prominently known injury for electricians, but according to Electrician Apprentice HQ, the following exposures also apply:

  • Exposure to lead, solvents, and other toxic chemicals.
  • Fire and explosions.
  • Working in small or tight spaces.
  • Welding risks, including UV radiation.
  • Extreme temperatures – both hot and cold.
  • Cuts and abrasions from working with knives and equipment with sharp edges.
  • Asbestos, mold, and other microbes in older buildings.

While OSHA requires strict safety and training programs, being aware of your surroundings and the eminent dangers of the job are proactive risk management tools. Here are some of the procedures to note, in addition to electrical safety tactics.

  • Lock out/tag out processes for equipment. Lockout is physically locking an energy-isolating device(electrical or mechanical) and putting it into a safe mode or de-energized state.  The energy-isolating device could be a switch (off) or a circuit breaker (open), explains the article.
  • Chemical safety and hazards.
  • Proper lifting techniques.
  • Good housekeeping procedures- following company policies for storing items and working in close spaces.

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