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Crowd Management Guidelines for Retailers

Crowd Management Guidelines for Retailers Holidays are bound to bring in swarms of foot traffic to retail stores. While this is a lucrative time for retailers, there also needs to be added safety measures taken during this hectic time in order to preserve the safety of employees and patrons alike. To protect against these potential claims, ensure your company is equipped with NJ Retail Workers’ Compensation.

During sales and especially busy weekends, consider the following safety tips.

Controlled Entry- Rather than allowing the crowds to rush the entrance, use staggered entry techniques to minimize injury. Allow 25-30 people in at once to prevent trampling or tripping. This way, customers can shop freely and calmly and will help to disperse the crowds.

Signage- Marking entrances, exits, line formations, and registers can help encourage the smooth flow of traffic within the store. In addition, clear signs should point out restrooms and where highly desired items are located, as well.

Barricades- The National Retail Federation states to create barricaded lines with adequate numbers of breaks and turns at regular intervals to maintain orderly flow and reduce the risk of harm to customers and associates.

Management Roles- Designate a manager to be in charge of decision making in the event of an urgent issue or customer quarrels. Each employee, regardless of their role, should be given specific duties to ensure efficiency.

Wristbands- For first come, first serve or limited item availability, provide wristbands to maintain orderly lines. In addition, lottery-based awards could be offered, as well.

Security- Especially for larger stores, adequate security should be scheduled. This includes both inside and outside the store where they should monitor high-priced items.

At Associated Specialty Insurance Agency (ASIA), we understand the risks that retailers face during the holiday season. The above mentioned tips, in combination with our custom created policy, will guarantee the safety of your business year-round. For more information about our products, we invite you to contact us today at (866) 679-7457.

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