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Components of a Successful Workers’ Comp Program: Screenings

Building an Effective Workers' Compensation Program > Pre-Hire Screenings

Components of a Successful Workers’ Comp Program: ScreeningsIn this series of articles, we’ve discussed the essentials for an effective and successful Workers’ Compensation Insurance program. First, we explained how to implement a workplace safety program, which is critical in preventing injuries before they begin. Next, pre-employment screenings can give the employer an accurate gauge of the honesty of the candidate. Depending on the industry, a pre-employment physical can also be beneficial. Here’s how to ensure employers get the most out of their screenings.

Focus on the quality candidates.

Using an employee assessment as one tool in your selection process toolbox will provide you and hiring managers with incredibly helpful information about the person’s motivations, cognitive abilities and/or job skills, depending on the type(s) of assessments used. Assessments also play a critical role in shortening the learning and cultural assimilation curves for new employees starting in an organization since managers will already have information about how to approach and train the individual for optimal results, says LinkedIn.

Screening questions.

When designing the questions for the screening, keep the following in mind:

  • Tailor the questions to coincide with their specific roles they are interviewing for.
  • Do not violate the ADA.
  • Refrain from asking questions that are irrelevant or too personal.
  • Remember “Ban the Box” questions that might affect the interview and screening process.

Check references.

Some tips for implementing this strategy are:

  • Ask open-ended questions so that the reference has to say more than just respond to a yes or no question.
  • Inquire about the candidate’s attention to detail, physical capabilities, reliability, timeliness, etc.
  • Confirm the start and end dates of their careers with the reference and ask if they would rehire the candidate.

Check their level of commitment.

Inquire about their motivation for leaving their current positions, if applicable. Some candidates might be driven by money while others might be looking for a career change or something more aligned with their interests.

According to RecruitLoop, if the candidate is currently employed and there is a likelihood their employer may wish to retain their services, now is the time to broach the subject of potential counter offers. Ask the candidate what they would do if their current employer threw money at them to get them to stay.

Their response will indicate where they stand with their employer and how motivated they are to leave.

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