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Common New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Misconceptions

Common New Jersey Workers’ Compensation MisconceptionsCommon New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Misconceptions

One of the most common New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Misconceptions is that once an injured employee’s Workers’ Comp claim is paid, the employer has no further interest in the case. However, on the contrary; the employer should maintain frequent contact with the employee to monitor their healing process. According to, by doing so the employer will be able to gauge when the injured employee will be able to begin the return to work process.

Insurance experts have uncovered a few more common New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Misconceptions, highlighted below.

Myth: If an employer only has a few employees, or mostly part-timers, they don’t need Workers’ Compensation insurance.

Not only is having a New Jersey Workers’ Compensation policy required by law, it’s a good idea anyway, no matter how many people a company employs. This coverage can help with the costs of medical expenses and lost wages for employees suffering job-related injuries, and can protect business owners from workers who may sue for large amounts in damages.

Myth: Employees don’t sue good companies.

Never say never. Any business is at risk of a lawsuit. Employees with or without New Jersey Workers’ Compensation coverage may feel like they need to sue in order to pay their bills. Even the minimal damages for a serious injury could be several million dollars, enough to put a small company out of business.

Myth: Employers can afford to pay out of pocket for an employee injury

Unfortunately, medical bills are not the only financial consideration an employer has to make if a worker injures themselves. There are also lost wages, lost productivity in the workplace, or employee replacement costs to consider. Severe injuries could mean months off of the job, or even permanent impairment. This is one of the most dangerous New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Misconceptions.

These are just a few myths about Workers’ Compensation Insurance. To learn more about how New Jersey Workers Compensation Insurance can work for your client’s industry, please contact ASIA at (866) 679-7457. Insurance agents and brokers with access to competitive markets have the opportunity to leverage an improving economy set to spur the workers compensation industry with an increase in jobs and payroll exposure, all while capitalizing on the ability to secure coverage for their clients.

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