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What is Your Clients’ Role in a New Jersey Workers’ Comp Claim?

What is Your Clients’ Role in a New Jersey Workers’ Comp ClaimWhat is Your Clients’ Role in a New Jersey Workers’ Comp Claim?

Are your clients doing what it takes to protect their company from the impact of a New Jersey Workers’ Comp claim? Even an unfounded claim can be financially devastating to a business, especially if it’s a small company. The good news is, employers do have the right to dispute, and even deny, a claim should they find that the claim is false.

If your client does decide to dispute a New Jersey Workers’ Comp claim, it’s imperative that they inform the injured employee, in writing. Typical reasons for denying a claim may include:

  • The employee didn’t suffer a serious injury
  • The employee’s injury didn’t take place during work, or within the scope of employment
  • The employee didn’t need or seek medical treatment for their injury
  • The employee didn’t need time off of work for their injury.

While an employee who becomes injured or sick as a result of their job is certainly entitled to filing for New Jersey Workers’ Comp to protect them, your client has rights as an employer.

It’s also important for your client to be aware of their role in the employee returning back to work after an injury. When the employee returns, they should notify their employer immediately about any restrictions given to them by their doctor, such as no lifting over 20 pounds. It’s important for employers to remember that they may not fire a worker for not doing work that their doctor says they shouldn’t do.

One last factor that your clients should be aware of is multiple small New Jersey Workers’ Comp claims from the same employee. Employees who are overweight tend to have more injuries, and people with certain medical conditions take longer to heal. While your client may not discriminate against these types of employees, making appropriate accommodations and giving them tasks that are not beyond their ability may help prevent a much larger New Jersey Workers’ Comp claim in the future.

It’s important that your clients always model safe behavior for the sake of their staff. At the Associated Specialty Insurance Agency, Inc., we understand that fostering a culture of safety with ongoing training and supervision is key to mitigating risk and securing an affordable, effective New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Insurance Program. Please contact us today at (866) 679-7457 to learn more about the various industries we serve.

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