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Common Types of Claims for Healthcare Providers

Common Types of Claims for Healthcare ProvidersWhen considering the lifting and moving of patients and residents that occur when caring for people, it’s important to understand the cost of injuries. Manually lifting patients, moving heavy objects and awkward posture can all lead to more claims. Therefore, as a reminder, it’s critical to stay protected with NJ Healthcare Workers’ Comp.

According to “A Back Injury Prevention Guide for Healthcare Providers,” the physical demands of this field of work, can lead to common Workers’ Comp claims. A few of the factors that can lead to development of injuries are  as follows:

  1. Physical demands of work. This includes forceful exertions, awkward positions/postures and repetition. These are seen in lifting patients, standing for long periods of time with bent posture and repeated repositioning of patients in the bed.
  1. Equipment and facilities. Some of the ways equipment can cause problems include faulty brakes with chairs and machinery, jammed or worn wheels, hard to reach controls and hard to operate equipment.
  1. Work practices or administrative issues. The types of work tasks employees perform can also lead to injuries. For example, some of these include lifting patients without assistance, using improper work practices, not performing assessment of patients and working with limited training.

At Associated Specialty Insurance Agency, we strive to provide your clients with comprehensive Workers’ Compensation coverage. We also offer markets for several parts of the healthcare industry including nursing homes, regional hospitals, home health care and/or physician’s offices. Furthermore, we know that it’s important to customize your client’s policy depending on the business, risk and market. For more information on how we provide your client with the best coverage, call us today at 866.679.7457.

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