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Black Friday Frenzy: Protecting Retail Employees

Black Friday Frenzy: Protecting Retail EmployeesBlack Friday is right around the corner, and for retailers, this is the busiest time of the year. Horror stories plastered on the front page of news sites declaring mayhem and chaos are expected, but injuries (and even deaths) are not. Due to the nature of Black Friday and all the crowds that will be present, OSHA is sending a strict reminder for retailers to implement a crowd management and safety plan. This, in addition to a comprehensive Retail Workers’ Compensation Insurance policy can provide the peace of mind this holiday season.

Injuries don’t have to be an assumed threat this time of year. In fact, OSHA has set forth strict guidelines to follow to ensure a repeat of the tragedy in 2008 where a retail worker was trampled to death by crowds in a Black Friday sale.

According to Monster’s review of OSHA’s regulations, here are the essential crowd management tips all retailers should adopt:

  • On-site trained security personnel or police officers;
  • Barricades or rope lines for pedestrians that do not start right in front of the store’s entrance;
  • The implementation of crowd control measures well in advance of customers arriving at the store;
  • Emergency procedures in place to address potential dangers;
  • Methods for explaining approach and entrance procedures to the arriving public;
  • Obeying maximum capacity laws;
  • Never blocking exit doors;
  • Keeping emergency exits clear at all times.

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